Okay, this took me far too long to figure this out. Mainly due to my own misunderstanding of Python terminology regarding modules (For the record, a ‘module’ is a file not a directory of python files) and mainly because I couldn’t find a specific example for what I wanted to achieve. My goal was this: […]

I was sitting with the problem that every time I connected to my company’s VPN my internet stopped working. After trawling through through a bug on Launchpad, I came across a solution. Basically, do the following: With the Network Manager, under VPN connections, select ‘Configure VPN Connections’ Choose your VPN and select Edit Go to […]

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Windows Telnet Echo On

I recently pulled my hair out looking for how to enable echo during a windows telnet session. Turns out it’s pretty straightforward (as it usually is…) Get to a command prompt and type telnet At the telnet prompt type set localecho And that’s it.

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Part 3 of the tutorial where we introduce the SimpleFormController.

Part 2 of a tutorial series where we use Hibernate and Spring to display items from the database.

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