So David Lowe over on his bigpinots blog points makes this observation: So why do the ‘social networks’ not address this issue. Facebook has a ‘like’ option and a subsequent ‘unlike’ button; but the latter just takes the user back to a neutral position. Google’s +1 is pretty much the same: I can give something […]

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Why you should profile

So I’m a bit behind on my blog reading and I came across this post by Keyvan Nayyeri via The Morning Brew. In it, he goes on to compare the performance of DateTime.Now versus DateTime.UtcNow. Now, to be fair, I did not know that DateTime.Now was that much more expensive then Date.UtcNow. I mean, hey, […]

FUD tactics at Firefox 4?

To give some background, Firefox 4 has just been released a week after Internet Explorer 9. A Seattle news website stated that the downloads for Firefox far outstripped the downloads for IE 9. This was Microsoft’s response: The developer community has been vocal that they want to push the Web forward. The browser is only […]

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So this was a fun little project at work that I started to help with my learning the ins and outs of Python. Theoretically, if your job titles and direct reports are kept up to date in Active Directory, you should be able to generate an organizational chart for any level of people. However, it’s […]

Mocking Membership provider

So as usual with so many of .NET 1.0 to .NET 2.0 era classes, Microsoft have made it near impossible to mock out MembershipProvider. The MembershipProvidersCollection class is read-only so you can’t just add your own provider at runtime. No matter! After some time with Reflector and some twiddling with reflection I came up with […]

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