CSV to XML with Powershell

My brother had the need to convert a bunch of SNMP data into XML for Zabbix. He was trying to do this in Excel but fortunately, he asked me if there was a quicker way to do this rather then struggle with crazy string concatenation formulas. I thought this should be trivial in Powershell and […]

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FUD tactics at Firefox 4?

To give some background, Firefox 4 has just been released a week after Internet Explorer 9. A Seattle news website stated that the downloads for Firefox far outstripped the downloads for IE 9. This was Microsoft’s response: The developer community has been vocal that they want to push the Web forward. The browser is only […]

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Windows Telnet Echo On

I recently pulled my hair out looking for how to enable echo during a windows telnet session. Turns out it’s pretty straightforward (as it usually is…) Get to a command prompt and type telnet At the telnet prompt type set localecho And that’s it.

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Comparing strings in NAnt

So I’m putting this here so I don’t forget (which I think I’ve done before). I recently had the need to compare a string to a property in NAnt and it took me awhile to figure it out because Google was having an off day. It’s a lot quicker if you just read the documentation […]

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