So David Lowe over on his bigpinots blog points makes this observation: So why do the ‘social networks’ not address this issue. Facebook has a ‘like’ option and a subsequent ‘unlike’ button; but the latter just takes the user back to a neutral position. Google’s +1 is pretty much the same: I can give something […]

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I can’t wait until the US Election is over. Reddit is full, FULL!!!, of articles about politics at the moment. And yes, I know I can turn it off, but for some reason I don’t. Anway… Today there was an article about the touch screen voting machines that are appearing to switch votes. You can […]

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Ticketmaster gets it so right

I recently rediscovered this feature on Ticketmaster. How beautifully simple for the user. Yes, I want to get alerts about this band. Enter email address. Done! Not forcing the user to register is awesome. All the user wants is to know when there will be tickets, they don’t want to have to give away all […]

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Shoes Online

An aspect of London that I am loving so far is the ability to buy almost anything online. Usually it’s easy to order, easy to pay and you feel confident that your credit card details haven’t been lost in the ether. One purchase I made this month was for a pair of boots through the […]

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