Okay, so my system is setup after part 1 in this series. Next on the agenda is: Follow the tutorials I found the following ones on the Ubuntu wiki: Packaging 101 – Part 1 Packaging 101 – Part 2 Be aware that the version of ed used in part 1 is no longer available so […]

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So I’ve always wondered what the process is to get a package into Ubuntu so I finally decided to sit down and attempt it myself. Here are the steps I used to setup my system: 1. Install packaging tools $ sudo apt-get install devscripts build-essential fakeroot debhelper gnupg pbuilder dh-make 2. Setup environment variables Go […]

So I was reading the classroom logs from Ubuntu OpenWeek when I came across this question: <honza> QUESTION: What is the preferred programming language for developing applications for Ubuntu? <jono> for creating new apps, we often recommend Python – there is an awesome tool called Quickly which helps you get up and running quickly – […]

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