So this was a fun little project at work that I started to help with my learning the ins and outs of Python. Theoretically, if your job titles and direct reports are kept up to date in Active Directory, you should be able to generate an organizational chart for any level of people. However, it’s […]

Okay, this took me far too long to figure this out. Mainly due to my own misunderstanding of Python terminology regarding modules (For the record, a ‘module’ is a file not a directory of python files) and mainly because I couldn’t find a specific example for what I wanted to achieve. My goal was this: […]

Phpinfo for django – pyinfo

I must admit I was a little surprised that django doesn’t have something akin to phpinfo stashed somewhere in the framework. I needed something that would dump some environment settings to debug some installation issues. What I did find was pyinfo which returns something similar: However, there was one snag and that is that it […]