When you want to deliver a file to a user with SpringMVC you can use the built in FileCopyUtils to put the file into the OutputStream of the response. This is an example of the method in your controller class. @RequestMapping(value = “/yourURLHere”) public void handleFileDownload(HttpServletResponse response) { File file = myFileService.getFile(); response.setContentType(“application/xls”); //in my […]

Part 3 of the tutorial where we introduce the SimpleFormController.

Part 2 of a tutorial series where we use Hibernate and Spring to display items from the database.

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Part 1 of a tutorial series where we set up a basic web application using Spring and Hibernate

I needed to change the stored svn credentials and struggled to find the (simple) answer on the internet, so here it is for future reference: Go to Project Settings Click on “Version Control” Select the directory from the table Click “Edit” Click “Configure VCS” Click “Clear Authentication Cache”

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