2 years in: C# + .NET vs Ruby on Rails

I’m an ex-C# guy (7 years) doing Ruby (2 years) with a little bit of Java thrown in. My company is currently finding it tough hiring Ruby devs (no different from when I was hiring C# devs) and subsequently we’re casting the net wide enough to include C#/Java/etc. guys that want to change to Ruby. […]

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Why you should profile

So I’m a bit behind on my blog reading and I came across this post by Keyvan Nayyeri via The Morning Brew. In it, he goes on to compare the performance of DateTime.Now versus DateTime.UtcNow. Now, to be fair, I did not know that DateTime.Now was that much more expensive then Date.UtcNow. I mean, hey, […]

Mocking Membership provider

So as usual with so many of .NET 1.0 to .NET 2.0 era classes, Microsoft have made it near impossible to mock out MembershipProvider. The MembershipProvidersCollection class is read-only so you can’t just add your own provider at runtime. No matter! After some time with Reflector and some twiddling with reflection I came up with […]

Visual XPath

Found a pretty cool tool that I thought I’d share. One of my co-workers introduced me to Visual XPath. I could really have used this when I was working heavily with XML awhile back. It does have a few flaws (like it apparently doesn’t handle nested namespaces so well) but it suits me down to […]

I had a problem with our build process at work the other day. For reasons I won’t go into, our source control is on a different network from the build server and the developers. This means checking out the full source everytime takes too long. So the first solution was not to use the “cleanCopy” […]

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