An example of how I debug

Last week I had a difficult bug to track down where an Angular frontend was talking to a Node.js backend (made up of multiple microservices) through a load balancer. The browser appeared to be sending 2 POST requests when it should have been sending one. The first thing I tried to do was shorten the […]

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2 years in: C# + .NET vs Ruby on Rails

I’m an ex-C# guy (7 years) doing Ruby (2 years) with a little bit of Java thrown in. My company is currently finding it tough hiring Ruby devs (no different from when I was hiring C# devs) and subsequently we’re casting the net wide enough to include C#/Java/etc. guys that want to change to Ruby. […]

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Sinatra or Rails

I was recently asked by my boss that if I had to choose a Ruby web framework, which one would I choose. This is what I found. Caveat I have only written toy examples in Rails (along time ago) and the same goes for Sinatra (except I’ve looked at it more recently). However, I’m quite […]

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When you want to deliver a file to a user with SpringMVC you can use the built in FileCopyUtils to put the file into the OutputStream of the response. This is an example of the method in your controller class. @RequestMapping(value = “/yourURLHere”) public void handleFileDownload(HttpServletResponse response) { File file = myFileService.getFile(); response.setContentType(“application/xls”); //in my […]

Why you should profile

So I’m a bit behind on my blog reading and I came across this post by Keyvan Nayyeri via The Morning Brew. In it, he goes on to compare the performance of DateTime.Now versus DateTime.UtcNow. Now, to be fair, I did not know that DateTime.Now was that much more expensive then Date.UtcNow. I mean, hey, […]

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