We code all day. Most days. We code at work, we code at home, Richard codes in his sleep! While we may not be the BEST coders, we’re keen to write down what we know and when we learn from our mistakes.


A girl coder?!? Shock! Horror!!

I work with Java and SpringMVC (and Tapestry when I can get my hands on it), but mostly JSP based technology at the moment.

I’ve also been known to toy with other web frameworks like PHP and Ruby on Rails.

When I’m not coding for work, I play with my photo blog and work to getting a CakePHP based diary site up and running.

The type of posts you can expect from me will be about java, web development, front end prettiness, and my personal nitpick favorite – usability.

I promise to not post about hair, shopping, makeup or kittens. Ok, no promises on the kittens…

Richard Nienaber

I’ve been a professional software developer since 2005. I program in C#/.NET to pay the bills but dabble in Java and Python for kicks. I think Ubuntu rocks and I use it on my ASUS EEE PC to write most of my blog posts.

I’m the kind of guy that loves server processing. You know, transactions, scalability, reliability, response times that sort of thing. Though not really a fan of UI, I’m watching with keen interest on how this multi/many core era will play out and what it will mean to your garden variety single user application. I promise not to post about kittens. Well, sort of…