I was sitting with the problem that every time I connected to my company’s VPN my internet stopped working. After trawling through through a bug on Launchpad, I came across a solution. Basically, do the following:

  1. With the Network Manager, under VPN connections, select ‘Configure VPN Connections’
  2. Choose your VPN and select Edit
  3. Go to the IPv4 tab, and select Routes
  4. Select the check box, ‘Use this connection only for resources on its network’

What’s going on here is the concept of split tunneling. This is where you can access the Internet and your company network at the same time. What I wasn’t aware of is that this is actually a vulnerability. I have my own firewall at home so I feel that this protects the internal network from the big bad Internet.

What’s confusing is that on Windows, this is the default behavior of the cisco client (not surprising as it is less secure, but more usable). It seems like a sensible default for Linux but it’s a little frustrating trying to find the solution. From a usability perspective, I would suggest that the option be more prominent for the user. When you select it, a dialog could be displayed that briefly describes the risk to the user.