An aspect of London that I am loving so far is the ability to buy almost anything online. Usually it’s easy to order, easy to pay and you feel confident that your credit card details haven’t been lost in the ether.

One purchase I made this month was for a pair of boots through the online store of a popular high street shoe retailer and I want to share the two things that were just not right, and their saving grace.

Placing the Order

When you have completed your order, you can track the status of your delivery online. So you click through to your account, and your recent orders and you see this on the page.

Design Website Reorder Link

I know the picture is a little small, but on the right you should be able to see the link to “Re-order”.


Why would I want to place another order for exactly the same pair of shoes again? Did the design team honestly think that this was something users might need to do?

The only other reason I could think of was that this component was a pre-built solution that had been incorporated into the site. But still, it’s not hard to comment out a link and remove the page behind it.

Shipping Confirmation

I wasn’t going to put a whole post up just for a reorder link, but when I received the confirmation email to let me know that my shoes were on their way, they gave me a reason to make a post this online shopping experience.

Email confirmation

As you can see, some part of their email templating engine was having a moment at the time the email was sent.

Saving Grace

While I gripe about the attention to detail and the head in hands moment I had when realising I’d been given the handwritten napkin equivalent of a shipping note, I was impressed by the delivery itself.

The boots came boxed up nicely with “Love Your Shoes” written on it, with a nice movie quote inside and heart stickers attaching the invoice to the inside of the box.

I love shoes :)