Interesting that my first post will be about my recent fail with CakePHP.

I’m building a diary application that is powered by wordpress, but needed more functionality on the front end than could be provided by wordpress and it’s plethora of plugins. So I split the site in two and had the second half powered by CakePHP.

Last week I was quite proud of myself to have reached the last hurdle before making it available, and that was un-hardcoding the links in the sidebar. They should be read out of the database instead of me having to manually change them when a user writes a new post in the wordpress section of the site.

No problem there – model built, view built, brief exploration with elements and helpers, and then on to the controller.

Which lead me to trying like blazes to get queries working in CakePHP. Not really full blown queries by using the model’s query() method, but just by passing parameters to the find() method.

And I’ll be! Somehow I downloaded the old version of CakePHP when I installed it a few months ago. So no wonder trying 1.2 methods aren’t working – I’ve only got 1.1!

I went back to the downloads page to figure out why I’d been such a noob, but I see now that 1.2 is only a release candidate – I probably went with 1.1 because it was stable and well, obviously not simply a candidate but actually released.

And it gets classed as a Fail because I’d been trying with the old methods for more than a day before figuring this out. Frustration!

Now the big debate – up to 1.2 now or later?